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Italian silver ion antibacterial wall paint 

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product description

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Selection of color:

Italy recommends 132 standard colors, and can adjust 1950 natural colors according to the Nordic NCS color system with scientific and accurate data.

Advantages and certifications:

HACCP food safety key control international safety certification:

According to UNI 11021:2002 certification, this product meets the standards for use in high-standard places such as hospitals, food manufacturing places, schools, and nursing homes.

Silver ion antibacterial technology:

According to ISO22196: 2011 certification, the amount of silver ions in the product can effectively kill 99% of bacteria by physical means for 24 hours, includingcoli and Staphylococcus aureus and other major pathogenic sources, and resist their breeding and reproduction. Create a healthy indoor space around the clock.

French VOC environmental certification A+:

The highest A+ certification according to the ISO 16000 standard, indicating that indoor emissions have been achieved to a minimum level.

Japan's highest environmental protection standard F4-Star certification:

According to Japan JIS A 1902-3, the most stringent standard for formaldehyde emission, it has obtained the highest level of F4-Star certification. Japan's environmental standards are currentlyRecognized as the most stringent environmental certification.

Resistant to professional disinfectant cleaners:

UNI EN ISO 2812-1 certified Effective against professional disinfectant cleaners, such as bleach diluted 1:99, for wall cleaning.

Highly moisture-resistant against relative humidity >80%:

The EN ISO 6270-1 certification test can be applied to indoor spaces with humidity > 80%, effectively resisting humid weather.

Strong anti-pollution:

The product has passed the UNI 10792 test and has strong anti-fouling properties.

Deodorant formula and free of organic compounds:

No organic compound certification, this product does not add harmful compounds such as IPA, APEO, formaldehyde and amino acids, and is clean and safe.

Abrasion resistance and scrub resistance:

UNI 10560-EN 13300 first-class scrub certification, can withstand more than 75,000 contacts and more than 5,000 scrubs.

Construction Advice Tool:

  • hand sweep

  • oil reel

  • spray gun


One coat of primer: Dilute with water in a 1:5 ratio as a primer (1 part paint product to 5 parts water).

Secondary top coat: After diluting with 20-30% water, it can be applied directly.

V55 MATT matte effect:

Capacity: 1L/4L/10L

Coverage rate: 9-11 square meters / 1L (calculated based on the construction of one bottom and two sides)


V88 SATINÈ Satin effect:

Capacity: 1L/4L/10L

Coverage rate: 10-12 square meters / 1L (calculated based on the construction of one bottom and two sides)

The above is for reference only, the actual dosage will vary due to different construction methods, wall conditions, color depth, and relative humidity.

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