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VALPAINT is a market-leading manufacturer of paints and coatings for interior and exterior decoration. Currently standing as the most important wall paint manufacturer in all of Italy.

The headquarters is located in the town of Polverigi, in the province of Ancona, Italy, covering a total area of over 20,000 square meters, including an indoor area of 5,000 square meters. Within this space, there is a production plant occupying 2,000 square meters, as well as warehouses for paint products and raw materials spanning 2,000 square meters. The headquarters also houses an independent research and development (R&D) laboratory, where VALPAINT collaborates with external chemical experts and technicians to develop and produce high-quality and environmentally friendly innovative products. VALPAINT has also participated in numerous projects promoting ecologically sustainable manufacturing activities in partnership with institutions such as the University of Urbino in Italy and the Polytechnic University of Marche.

VALPAINT's Italian headquarters currently comprises multiple departments, including scientific research and technology, cargo management, and sales. It has a network of over 400 distributors and agents across 80 countries and regions worldwide. The combination of exceptional product quality and a robust sales network has positioned VALPAINT as a leading global brand in the field of wall paint.

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In 1974, Ferdinando Sarti initiated his paint business in Italy, which can be considered as the precursor to VALPAINT.

In 1988, VALPAINT was founded in Italy by Ferdinando Sarti.

In 2004, VALPAINT S.p.A. was officially listed, marking an important milestone in the company's history.

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In 2018, VALPAINT celebrated its 30th anniversary since its establishment. Founder Ferdinando Sarti has gradually transitioned the management of the brand to the next generation of successors. Stefano Sarti has taken charge of Sales and Marketing, while Stefania Sarti is responsible for the accounting business. Together, they are dedicated to building VALPAINT into a large enterprise with a stable structure.


In 2006, the company achieved the ISO 9001 quality certification, affirming its commitment to quality standards.

In 2009, VALPAINT obtained the ISO 14001 environmental certification, demonstrating its adherence to environmentally compliant manufacturing processes.

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