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Business cooperation plan

In addition to supporting the development of the local design industry and sponsoring and supporting different industry events and awards, VALPAINT will also provide our business partners with complete and effective cooperation solutions.

We look forward to growing together with you, and to complete more exciting classic works with the Italian standardized construction team and VALPAINT's high-end products.


< Evaluation of a work: "Yes" "No" & "WOW"
"WOW" is what we pursue >

-Milton Glaser

Cooperation cases of some design companies

<Construction clip by Valpaint Hong Kong team>
After passing the construction training and strict assessment of VALPAINT Italian headquarters, it will take 6 months to officially become a VALPAINT construction staff. We must ensure that every work meets the requirements of VALPAINT works


If you:

I want my design to be more eye-catching

Hope to make your design more diversified

We have perfect pre-sales/after-sales service, and a professional team can be a strong support for you and customers


Want to know more about the program details:


pleasemustComplete the form and our colleagues will follow up with you within two working days

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