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1. Italian art paint and professional construction

VALPAINT Italian art paint has a distinctive color, luster and layering, which is very suitable for use on the feature wall in the home. VALPAINT is a world-renowned service art paint brand, classic cases include Burj Al Arab Hotel, ARMANI Hotel, etc.


Our construction team has passed the professional training and approval of the Italian head office, and is currently the designated service provider of many local high-level interior design companies.


2. Italian additive-free monochrome wall paint products
HACCP food safety level

Never add:Formaldehyde, ammonia, preservatives, APEO, chemical solvents, isocyanate and other harmful chemical ingredients.

The price of this product is cheap, but it has strong functionality. It can replace ordinary latex paint and is widely used on any ceiling and wall. Its moisture resistance is even suitable for use on the ceiling of the bathroom.


3. Professional painting works and
Art paint one-stop service

One-stop shoveling, batching of ash, and continuous work and materials engineering:

Use the highest standard wall materials, including VALPAINT Italian silver ion antibacterial wall paint.


Customers can also take advantage of preferential prices to purchase the featured walls of VALPAINT's designated series of art paints.


4. Home color design service

Customers who do DIY decoration are likely to have trouble choosing colors. VALPAINT store staff use unique color big data to assist customers in matching furniture color combinations, allowing you to quickly and effectively choose the correct color to create the most fashionable interior space.

*The service fee of $580 can be used as a deposit when purchasing VALPAINT Italian silver ion antibacterial wall paint.

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