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The NCS color matching system (NATURAL COLOR SYSTEM) from Northern Europe is an important partner of VALPAINT in formulating color matching. NCS is one of the top natural color systems in the world, and is even widely used in cosmetics of well-known European brands such as nail polish and lipstick. It is the most popular and practical color standard system.

In addition to selling high-quality imported wall paint products, VALPAINT will also provide customers with professional wall design suggestions. When decorating and designing their homes, many people do not hire professional interior design companies because of cost considerations, but prefer to buy materials by themselves. Wall paint is a necessity for decoration. Many people choose white for the wall, not because they like white, but because they are afraid of choosing the wrong color. VALPAINT X NCS professional color matching consulting service is aimed at this group of customers who want to complete home design with one hand, helping them to get the most professional wall design advice at the most affordable price, and avoid the fear of choosing the wrong color. And design the most perfect and personalized home environment. VALPAINT professional color consultant, through professional training and assessment, also has rich project experience in cooperation with professional interior design companies, can use the color data of NCS to present and match more than 2,000 different styles of colors, and select the most suitable for users Wall paint colors to create a stylish and personal interior style for customers. After completing our color consulting service, in addition to getting a set of 132-color Italian Valpaint selected color cards and a set of four NCS self-selected color cards, a $580 shopping coupon is also included for the purchase of our wall paint products. The purchase amount of $580 can buy a 1-liter can of silver ion antibacterial wall paint, which can perfectly cover up to 100 square feet of wall area with one base and two sides.

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